How to Hang Candelabras

The expression candelabra is outlined as a numerous established of traditional ornamental candlestick holders. Though this was the moment the circumstance before electricity was invented, present-day interior designers have electrified the candelabra and the expression now denotes a various set of faux attractive candlestick holders. These lights fixtures assortment in measurement and style and design. From three piece table major candelabras, to 20 or far more piece chandelier design candelabras, hanging candelabra can be incredibly major and difficult to put in. Use this guidebook to hanging candelabras and you will be positive your candelabra set up goes completely.

Centering the Candelabra

Heart the candelabra in the center of the home. Measure the two horizontally and vertically throughout the ceiling, divide the two measurements in 50 % and mark the center of the area. For ceilings that are on an angle, repeat the method on the flooring and make a mark. Now use a plumb bob to discover the heart of the ceiling to dangle the mild fixture.

Obtaining a Joist

Simply because quite a few candelabra gentle fixtures are inclined to be designed from wrought iron and are extremely weighty, they will need right support when hanging them from the ceiling. Finding a joist is essential to putting in a candelabra safely and securely. The fastest and simplest process is to enter the attic room earlier mentioned the candelabra and locate a joist. Push a nail following to joist to make a mark for reference down under.

Of program, it is not usually effortless or might not be feasible to enter the attic space over the candelabra. In this circumstance, an electronic stud finder can enable you to track down a joist. Measuring each individual 24 inches from a nail hole can supply you with a inexpensive way to discover joists. Use a modest complete nail and a hammer to find the joist.

After a joist is located, the ceiling light box can be secured onto the joist. If the joist is much too significantly from your heart mark, you may perhaps need to have to put in a wood rosette that spans the length of the two joists. This will allow for you to safe the candelabra gentle box to a durable area.

Hanging the Candelabra

Prior to hanging a lights fixture of this dimension, it truly is a fantastic thought to get a couple of friends to help. A number of ladders should really be secured, analyzed and in position before you get started. Have a single or two folks on the floor hoisting the candelabra to the two people on the ladder. A person man or woman on the ladder need to tutorial the holding hook on to the gentle box hook. The other ladder human being ought to constant and help guidance the fat of the candelabra. The chain must rapidly be hooked up, and then the candelabra can be unveiled and wired in accordance to the manufacturer’s specs.